Vasista Pharma Chem Pvt. Ltd.

Vasista Pharma Chem Pvt. Ltd., incorporated and set up its manufacturing facility in Atchutapuram, Vizag in the year 2020. The business operations of Vasista Pharma Chem are mainly focused on Bulk Drugs and their Intermediates. This facility is fully GMP compliant and capable to do commercial manufacturing from kilogram to metric tons. The purpose of setting up a business arm in this region is to focus on Semi-Regulated and Regulated markets by making quality APIs and Advanced Intermediates to meet the standards of regulators and customers.

This facility is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and registered at D&B (Duns and Bradstreet). This facility is a mix of different types of reactions ranging from -800C to + 2800C. The current working volume of this facility is about 120 KL and can be expandable up to 240 KL. This facility is having 30 SS and GL reactors with a capacity ranging from 0.63 KL to 10 KL. This facility is having  3 ton boiler, two chilling plants, hot water system, hot oil system, High vacuum system up to 0.5 Tor, and different designs of driers for different products or customer end needs. Appropriate storage facilities are organized in this facility to store raw material and/or finished products from +20C to 250C. Liquid nitrogen capsule is installed at the site to deal with cryo reactions.

This facility has all necessary analytical equipment like LC, GC, UV, Stability Chambers etc. in quality control and lab is designed and spacious enough to meet the standards of quality and statutory requirements.